Autumn Rhythm

The closer one looks at the whole massing, or webbing, the more one sees three areas of activity. The closer one looks at these three areas, the more one sees the clusters. The closer one looks at the clusters, the more one sees the splats, the lines, the sprays, the spots, the more one becomes aware of an unre­lated gathering of unattached parts, each of which speaks with a separate, individual insistence . . . .

The painting as much gives rise to faith as removes the props that might sustain it.


Blue Skies

We measured information, its mass and movement, and talked in terms of networking and being connected, even those of who were not. Pervasive was the word we used to describe computing, which we thought synonymous with the future and saw spreading to fill it. All hardware would be hooked together, everyone to the hardware, and with hyperlinks on the Web, anything to everything. With the spreading we believed our lives transformed in ways that were palpable but had not yet been defined. Or perhaps had moved beyond going from one thing to another and touched the substance of transformation itself.